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One Time and Add On Coaching Services

One-Time Training Plan Development

$75 for Plan only
$100 for Plan with pre-paid 30-minute coaching consultation

Want help putting together a personal training plan (up to 20 weeks) to follow without additional coaching services? One-time training plan development includes:

  • A personal assessment via athlete questionnaire
  • A 30-minute initial consultation via Zoom or phone
  • A customized training plan (up to 20 weeks) provided in PDF form
  • One plan adjustment (each additional adjustment is $15)

Want to add a private 30-minute coaching consultation to use part-way through your training or as your event approaches? Save money by purchasing a coaching consultation in advance!

Private Coaching Consultation

$30 for a 30-minute consultation

Not a monthly coaching client but have something specific you would like to discuss with a certified running coach? This item is for you! Includes a 30-minute private consultation via Zoom or phone and a consultation follow up via email.

Interested in run coaching but experiencing financial hardship?
Check out the Running is For Everyone Program page.

Free consultations are limited to one per person and to prospective coaching clients only. Athletes who have a current coaching plan in place or have received coaching services from Journey to Run in the past 6 months are not eligible.

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